My husband has no problems with my romantic scenes with Dheeraj in Kundali Bhagya: Shraddha Arya

Shraddha Arya, who is currently seen in Kundali Bhagya tied the knot with naval officer Rahul Nagal in November 2021. The actress now shuttles between Vishakapatnam and Mumbai because her husband is posted in Vishakapatnam.

Shraddha is paired opposite Dheeraj Dhoopar in Kundali Bhagya and the two exude a great chemistry on screen. The two also have many romantic scenes in the show. In the past few weeks, ever since the Holi track started, Dheeraj and Shraddha had to portray many romantic scenes.

Ask Shraddha if her husband is okay watching her romantic scenes and she says, “Every year, during Holi, the makers introduce many romantic scenes on the show. Often romantic scenes boost viewership because people love our pairing. My husband Rahul understands my profession and he does not say anything. He watches the show at times and does not comment because he knows that it is just a few scenes in the show. He has no problem.”

Shraddha however adds that it could get uncomfortable sometimes for the spouse. She says, “I do understand that the romantic scenes sometimes are too much and even Dheeraj had jokingly asked me if it would be too much for a newly married woman to enact such scenes and we laughed over it.”

Shraddha and Rahul got married five months ago and they recently got a new home in Vishakapatnam. The actress is also redoing her new home in Mumbai, which she recently bought and it is located right opposite her parents’ apartment.

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