US Congresswoman’s PoK tour attracts India’s fire

US Congresswoman’s PoK tour attracts India’s fire

NEW DELHI: The Centre on Thursday strongly condemned the visit by US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to POK, accusing her of pursuing narrow-minded politics and also violating India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Omar was quoted as saying during her visit to POK that she had voiced serious concerns over the “human rights violations in the Indian Occupied Kashmir” and that she would take up the issue with the US Congress as well as the Biden administration.
The foreign ministry said in its reaction that her visit was condemnable. “We have noted that US representative Ilhan Omar has visited a part of the Indian Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir that is currently illegally occupied by Pakistan,” said spokesperson Arindam Bagchi.
“If such a politician wishes to practise her narrow-minded politics at home, that may be her business. But violating our territorial integrity and sovereignty in its (her) pursuit makes it ours. This visit is condemnable,” Bagchi added. To another query on recent terror attacks in Afghanistan, the spokesperson said India has been looking at the developments in that country.
“We have seen some of the terrorist attacks. We have always been forthright in our condemnation of terrorist attacks. We are looking at what have been the developments there,” Bagchi said, adding, “But let me emphasise that we certainly condemn all terrorist attacks.”

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